Scheduled Data Protection Training

Scheduled GDPR, data protection and other information governance training is listed below.

The easiest way to book your data protection training is by contacting us using our enquiry form.   If you have any queries about which course is suitable for you, please contact us.

Tkm Certificate/Diploma in Managing Data Protection Compliance
1 – 5 Apr 19 Glasgow
10 – 14 Jun 19 Birmingham
9 – 13 Sep 19 Glasgow
2 – 6 Dec 19 York
Tkm Certificate in Data Protection Compliance
18 Mar 19 Perth
7 May 19 Glasgow
16 Jul 19 Birmingham
15 Oct 19 Glasgow
7 Jan 19 York
BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection
7 – 11 Oct 19 Inverness
Freedom of Information – Scotland Overview
19 Mar 19 Perth

Please note that all courses require a minimum number of people to run.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are not sure which course is right for you.  If your organisation has 3 or more people that require data protection and GDPR training, please ask about discounts available.  If you have 4 or more, it may be more cost effective for you to arrange an in house course.  Please contact us for details.
IRMS members are eligible for a 10% discount.
BCS Accredited Training Partner
BCS Accredited Training Partner

IRMS Training Partner