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tkm_logo150Tkm Consulting is managed by Liz Taylor.  Liz has helped organisations with the practical management of information and records management for the past 20 years.  Tkm offers a number of training and consultancy services, specialising in data protection and other information-related legislation applicable across the UK.  Tkm develops highly effective policies and systems for managing information and records that are fully integrated into each organisation’s processes.  This allows organisations to focus on their core business while sustainably developing, maintaining and exploiting information and knowledge assets.

Consultancy and Training Services

At Tkm we offer practical help through consultancy services ideally suited to a wide range of public and private sector businesses. We also provide training relating to practical implementation, including legal compliance, policy and organisational procedure development.

Tkm can help with:

  • information and records management and information governance
  • managing personal information and compliance with data protection laws
  • for public sector organisations, help with complying with freedom of information legislation and environmental information regulations.  Tkm can also assist Scottish public authorities with public records legislation and records management plans
  • required change to comply with the new data protection regulations (the GDPR)
  • requirements for a data protection officer
  • provision of data protection services
  • auditing and assessing current levels of compliance
  • leveraging an organisation’s information and knowledge assets to maximise their potential.

Tkm is highly experienced in the field of data protection as well as the design and delivery of training.  Tkm is approved by a number of awarding bodies to deliver management-level qualifications in compliance, including the SQA, BIIAB and REHIS.

The material contained on this site and in this blog constitutes general guidelines only and does not represent to be advice on any particular matter. No reader should act on the basis of material contained within this site without first taking professional advice appropriate to their particular circumstances.

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